13 - 15 December
Divani Caravel Hotel, Athens

You are invited to participate in the top conference in the fields of health sciences and health services research, with a remarkable impact on the country’s health policies, taking place once again in Athens, on 13-15 December 2022. Seminars will take place the day prior to the congress, Monday, 12 December (in Greek).

The focus of the 2022 Panhellenic Congress is securing sustainability and resilience of health systems in the future.

The Congress is organised by the Hellenic Society of Health Economics and Policy (EEEOPY) and the Institute for Health Economics (i-hecon), in collaboration with several other organisations.

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Congress Themes & Topics

Global health after the COVID-19 pandemic: Financial, social, psychological, and behavioural impacts; strategies and management
Energy and cost of living crisis: Impacts on health and healthcare system
The effect of population mobility on health and healthcare system
Towards a fair, effective, and efficient healthcare system: Equality vs Inequality
The future of healthcare systems: Trends and policy choices
Preventing crises in healthcare: What did we learn from other European countries
The future of social welfare state: Challenges and prospects
Human Resources in Healthcare: Requirements for a viable and resilient system
Basic medical training & continuous medical education
Human Resources management
Funding health care systems
Sin taxes - “virtue” taxes: a fund-pooling mechanism for healthcare systems
The patients’ contribution to shaping health policies
Reform and restructuring of Primary and Secondary healthcare – Personal physician
Public Health, prevention, and health literacy
Chronic diseases
Major risk factors for health
Behavioural and social risk factors for health
Mental health
Ageing and long-term care
Progress made and needs arising from the National Prevention Programme “Spyros Doxiades”
Digital transformation in healthcare: Patient electronic health record and telematics
Leveraging digital technology and big data
Open Data in health
Secondary use of Health Data: European Health Data Space
A patient-centric approach in digital heath
Artificial Intelligence in health
National medicine policy: Interventions for the regulation of the pharmaceutical market
Health Technology Assessment & medicine policy
Managing biomedical and pharmaceutical technology & innovation
Supporting patients’ access to innovative therapies
Introducing biomarkers into clinical practice
Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and the outlook of the National Cancer Plan in Greece
The prospects of growth for the Greek economy
Greece as a prime destination for biotechnology investment
Start-up entrepreneurship in health
Development policies and investment priorities in the healthcare sector
Public and private sector cooperation in achieving “One Health”
Leveraging digital technology and big data
The role and prospects of private insurance in financing the healthcare system

Participation in the Congress

For any further information on participation in the 2022 Congress, please contact the Secretariat at info@healthpolicycongress.gr

Official Language

The official language of the Congress will be Greek. There will be English to Greek interpretation & vice-versa for the sessions with foreign guest speakers.


There will be an on-site trade exhibition where healthcare organisations and companies from the fields of health, insurance and publishing will be represented.


Participants of the 2022 Congress are informed that, for promotional purposes:
a. Photographs will be taken in the conference rooms and common areas of the conference venue,

b. All virtual sessions will be recorded on video,
c. Select session may be broadcast through live streaming,
d. After the conclusion of the Congress presentations videos will be posted on the congress website.