Giovanna Ferrari


Giovanna Ferrari

Regional Labeling Lead, GRO-International Labeling Group, Global Regulatory Affairs, Global Product Development, Pfizer

After completing a PhD in molecular biology at University College London, and a period of post-doctoral research at Kings College London, Giovanna moved into the regulatory sector of the pharmaceutical industry, specialising in the area of labelling and product information since 2009; she currently works within International Labeling Group at Pfizer with regional responsibility for Europe.

Giovanna has extensive experience in the field of local labelling across the wider European region, and through this has developed a broad understanding of current regulatory requirements and trends impacting labelling. A particular area of focus is e-labelling and also leaflet readability: Giovanna is a member of a working group in the Inter-Association Task Force for e-labelling and has been co-ordinating the industry group discussion through the development of this IMI topic proposal.

Dr. Giovanna Ferrari is Project Lead for Gravitate Health.

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